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Dynamator File for Unspecified Languages




This document describes the expected format and code generation behavior of a Dynamator File with the language not specified, or specified as "none".

A Dynamator File with a root element that does not specify a 'language' attribute, or that specifies 'language="none"', identifies a file containing transformations to be applied to an HTML or XML template in order to produce a different static HTML or XML file, or a program template in a language unknown to Dynamator. Dynamator applies the Dynamator file to an HTML or XML file (the "template") to create another HTML or XML file with structure corresponding to the template and modifications specified by the Dynamator file.

The unspecified language may be used to generate static HTML or XML. It may also be used to generate server pages in unsupported languages.

The rules for the default language are simple:

  • All content specified in the Dynamator file is transferred as-is to the output file.
  • The 'content' element is equivalent to the 'raw-content' element.
  • Features requiring language awareness are not supported. Specifically, 'if', 'for', and 'foreach' are not supported.

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Author: Jay Dunning
Version: 1.4
Copyright: 2000-2004, Jay Dunning