Dynamator Pure HTML for every page generation technology.


Current Dynamator version: 1.5, build: 20040330.0715

dynamator-1_5.zip (1.0M)

Dynamator build libraries

This download is not needed to run Dynamator. But it is a quick way to get JTidy and Xerces, if you need them.

This download contains all the libraries required to build and test Dynamator. It is primarily provided as a convenience for those who want to build Dynamator under JDK 1.1 or JDK 1.2, since it contains versions of jakarta-oro and ant-contrib that run under JDK 1.1 (to the extent needed for the Dynamator build).

dynamator-build-libs-1_5.zip (1.2M)

All Dynamator versions

To see all versions of Dynamator, go to the SourceForge download page

CVS access

Instructions for accessing the Dynamator CVS repository are here.