Dynamator Pure HTML for every page generation technology.

Dynamator Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Dynamator to create JavaServer Pages. To get the most benefit out of this tutorial, you should already know HTML, Java, and JSP. However, the basic concepts apply to all server pages technologies.

Example 1a: Hello World
Must reading. Explains the files required and how to run Dynamator. Shows how to replace the content of an HTML element with a program expression to be evaluated at run-time.
Example 1b: Hello World Bean
Using JSP bean elements like jsp:useBean and jsp:getProperty.
Example 2: Arbitrary Text
How to replace an arbitrary section of text not originally associated with an HTML element.
Example 3: Dynamic Attribute
How to manipulate attribute values.
Example 4: Text Echo
Simple forms processing.
Example 5: Adding 'class'
Applying the same transformation to multiple elements.
Example 6: If
Selecting HTML elements to be output.
Example 7: Where No ID or Class Belongs
Providing behavior for elements that don't support id or class.
Example 8: Where No HTML Belongs
Providing behavior where there isn't an obvious place to put an HTML element.
Example 9: Iteration
Iterating over list elements, option lists, table rows, definition lists, and arbitrary elements. (Multiple examples)
Example 10: XML
Using Dynamator to create JSP pages that generate XML.

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