Dynamator Pure HTML for every page generation technology.

Dynamator is a simple but powerful tool that transforms standard HTML and XML files into server pages or programs. Dynamator was created to solve the Server Pages Maintenance Problem.

Dynamator separates HTML from program logic so completely that different page generation technologies can use the same HTML. With Dynamator, software developers don't have to maintain HTML, and HTML authors don't have to learn a programming language.

Dynamator works with any page generation technology, including JSP, XSL, PHP, ASP, Velocity, Cold Fusion, and Java. Dynamator is compatible with any application architecture, and has no performance impact.

Dynamator isn't just for web applications. It's a great tool for any application that needs to generate HTML or template-based XML.

Dynamator is distributed under a BSD-style open-source license.

Dynamator workflow: HTML authors and software developers work independently.

A better way to maintain server pages.

Dynamator 1.5 released!
Syntax validation,
faster processing,
element extraction,
improved documentation, more precise whitespace handling