<% ' generated by Dynamator Wed Mar 31 19:16:29 CST 2004 %> <%@ Language=VBScript %> <% Dim terms(5) Dim item terms(0) = "epilog|The end of the generated file, after the template." terms(1) = "locator|An element in a Dynamator annotations file that identifies the set of elements to which a set of overrides will apply." terms(2) = "marker|An invisible HTML element or attribute that identifies a location in an HTML file." terms(3) = "override|An element in a Dynamator annotations file that specifies a set of changes to be applied to the template." terms(4) = "prolog|The beginning of the generated file, before the template." terms(5) = "template|The file containing the static text pattern to be output by the generated program." %> Dynamator Glossary
<% For Each item in terms %>
<%= Mid(item, 1, InStr(item, "|")-1) %>
<%= Mid(item, InStr(item, "|")+1) %>
<% Next %>